Get your institution, organization or business on the OAE

1 For FREE

Fully featured and connected tenancy FREE for your instution

  • Without an SLA or data processing agreement, and under a resonable use policy
  • Your users would need to agree to a Terms and Conditions once on sign up

2 For the security of an SLA

SLA and data processing agreement for at-cost price

  • At-cost means you pay what it costs to run the OAE
  • Plus 20% contribution of that cost towards further development and maintenace of the OAE platform

3 For your strategic leadership

Become a strategic OAE partner and contribute leadership

  • Receive everything outlined above for 12 months for free
  • Your investment goes directly to the Apereo OAE project to support further design, development and maintenance
The benefits of being a stakeholder

The OAE project, which is similar to the prior examples in that it too is developing software that is architected to be deployed as a cloud-based service, has very intentionally adopted a distinctly different model which is 100% open. More specifically, the OAE Stakeholders group which governs the project has committed to the following:

  • release 100% of the code under an open license through a non-profit foundation (Apereo)
  • allow and assist others who wish to host OAE themselves;
  • give institutions complete ownership and control over their own data;
  • support the exporting and importing of OAE content to facilitate migrations;
  • and not prevent or charge a fee to third-parties who wish to build new OAE capabilities.

Current stakeholders: