The Apereo OAE project has chosen Crowdin as its official translation platform. An OAE Crowdin translation project has been created, allowing for OAE to be translated through the Crowdin web UI,  without needing to set up a local development environment. Some screenshots of the OAE translation project in action can be found below.

Next to making it easy to translate all of the OAE keys, it also provides translation suggestions based on a Translation Knowledge Base and machine translations. Crowdin provides a very useful overview of the translation completeness of the different supported languages and makes it easy to see which keys still need to be translated. On top of that, we are allowed to use this service for free as an open-source project.

In the past couple of weeks, a set of active OAE translators has been evaluating this tool, and the feedback has been exclusively positive. At the same time, a synchronisation script has been set up that will automatically make new keys available to Crowdin and will pull the newest translations into the code base.

We're hoping that this will make translating OAE a lot more accessible to translators. At the same time, we're hoping to use this as an opportunity to encourage more people to translate OAE in new languages.

We'd like to thank Frederic Dooremont, Toni Devís López, Samuel Gutiérrez Jiménez-Peña, Harry Wang and Yildiray Ogurol for helping out in evaluating this tool. A special thanks goes to Mark Breuker for discovering and spearheading this tool.